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작성일 : 11-03-23 17:43
Game Company
 글쓴이 : Internpia
조회 : 3,258  

구 분 온라인게임, 웹디자인, IT
국 가 미국
지 역 Marina Del Rey, CA
모집인원 1 명 (숫자만 입력)
잡포지션 Web developer(경력3년이상)

Jr. Web Developer / Web Application Engineer

- Design, implement, test, and launch internal tools.
- Maintain existing tools and infrastructure by implementing new

features and fixing critical bugs
- Analyze work processes to determine inefficiencies and

opportunities for automation,
- Develop internal database expertise and manage data pulls for

larger team.
- Evangelize tools to other internal teams.
- Developing and day-to-day maintenance of web content.
- Designing and quickly implementing clear, effective web pages.
- Collaborate with designers and customer support team to refine

the user experience.
- Responding to a variety of web-related requests across

- Fullfilling several project requests simultaneously while

meeting tight deadlines.

- BS degree or higher, preferably in CS.
- Experience with server-side web frameworks such as ASP.NET

- Strong scripting and database skills, including ASP, MS SQL

2000/2005, and Javascript.
- AJAX/HTML/CSS experience and an interest in user interface

design a plus.
- 2+ years experience in launching successful interactive web

- At least 2 years of relevant web programming experience.
- Ability to work collaboratively.
- Tack-sharp analytical abilities.
- Excellent attention to detail.
- Ability to speak, read and communicate in Korean is a BIG PLUS,

but not required.
지원자격 학력:관련전공4학기 이수자
영어능력:초중급의 회화실력(인턴피아 인터뷰 통과자)
해외결격 사유가 없는자
전 공 관련 전공자, 또는 경력자
근무기간 12m or 18m 지원가능(Performance에 따라 H1B 스폰서 가능)
급 여 $8.00~10 / Hour
지원마감 2011-6-15
지원방법 1).온라인지원서작성
2).서류합격자 전화 영어인터뷰실시
3).미국 현지 전화 영어인터뷰 실시
문의 (代)02-720-8555, internpia@internpia.com
기타사항 직원수 30~35명으로 한국에 본사, 일본과 미국에 지사. 미국 지사 총직원 33명 중에 반은 non-korean이고, 나머지는 Korean. 이미 한국에서는 대형업체에 속하는 게임회사