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작성일 : 11-03-23 17:45
Fashion company (retail)-Male Only
 글쓴이 : Internpia
조회 : 3,605  

구 분 그래픽디자인
국 가 미국
지 역 Los Angeles, CA
모집인원 1 명 (숫자만 입력)
잡포지션 Marketing material production assistant
in Marketing/Graphics dept.

The marketing graphics assistant will retouch photos, lay out

graphics for coupons and flyers, print signs and cut vinyls,

apply masking tape, mount graphics on board and keep an inventory

of printing supplies. Each assistant will receive training on how

to run the printers and maintain. The assistants will assist in

printing photos and graphics for Marketing and Visual Dept. The

team of 3 assistants will work together with a supervisor to run

the printing facility.

Photoshop and illustrator Skills and/ or any experience in print

production is a plus. The job will require manual labor such as;

lifting paper and vinyls, cutting, packing, masking and

installing vinyls for corporate office. The assistant must be

organized, detail-oriented and be able to work in a team. A

bachelor’s degree in Art is preferred.
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영어능력:초중급의 회화실력(인턴피아 인터뷰 통과자)
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근무기간 12m
급 여 8불이상~(면접후 결정)
지원마감 2011-6-15
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문의 (代)02-720-8555, internpia@internpia.com
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