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작성일 : 11-06-10 15:49
Woman Apparel / Clothing and Accessories FL모집예정
 글쓴이 : Internpia
조회 : 3,369  

구 분 디자이너, 패션, 관리
국 가 미국
지 역 FL
모집인원 3 명 (숫자만 입력)
잡포지션 Production: Comfortable working in a warehouse environment and follow company safety policies and procedures; Coordinate receiving, storing, inventory, holding and shipping of product; General activities of warehouse, day-to-day movement, and preparation of products and other tasks as assigned
Operation: Create a fun atmosphere to educate, train, develop, retain and motivate through supervision by following company policies and maximizing sales and profits through our store managers.
Marketing: Planning, coordination and implementation of local marketing promotions and events for each area; Knowledge of concept and using designs for weekly online marketing campaigns; Ability to clearly present concepts and communicate in meetings as well as other departments such as IT.
IT: POS System, Inventory Control System, Loss prevention Control, Web Site Above system programmer, designer, technician.
지원자격 학력:관련전공4학기 이수자
영어능력:초중급의 회화실력(인턴피아 인터뷰 통과자)
해외결격 사유가 없는자
전 공 관련전공 or 관련경력자
근무기간 12m ~ 18m
급 여 $7.25 ~ 15
지원마감 2011-8-15
지원방법 1).온라인지원서작성
2).서류합격자 전화 영어인터뷰실시
3).미국 현지 전화 영어인터뷰 실시
문의 (代)02-720-8555, internpia@internpia.com
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