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작성일 : 11-01-06 11:54
Cosmetic export and distribution company
 글쓴이 : Internpia
조회 : 2,906  

구 분 화장품, 유통, 물류, IT
국 가 Cosmetic export and distribution company
지 역 Commerce, CA
모집인원 2 명 (숫자만 입력)
잡포지션 IT assistant

A. Providing an IT Helpdesk (by phone, in person or

electronically) service to approximate 50 people working in

the office
• Responding to requests for help about IT, providing first

line support and advice to users
• Providing technical support for Microsoft Office 2007 /

Office 2010
• Supporting new employee on the set up of their desktop PCs
• Advising employee of problems affecting the network
B. Installing, maintaining and upgrading hardware and software
• Installing PCs, printers, and related software within the

• Troubleshooting hardware and software, and reporting

persistent faults
• User account creation, maintenance and associated security

of accounts; this covers a range of Microsoft applications

such as Outlook and in-house applications
• Maintaining inventory of IT equipment
• Performing nightly, weekly and monthly backups.
• Restoring backed up data when necessary
• Liaise with 3rd party contractors in the absence of the IT

C. Supporting the basic network infrastructure
• Configuring user groups and shared areas on Windows server
• Maintaining network and system security via network Anti-

• Diagnosing network and system problems as well as react to

failures and errors to maintain system integrity and

• Monitoring the Internet for problems.
• Communicate with IT Manager and Operations Manager regarding


• Knowledge and understanding of current trends and

developments in information technology
• Knowledge and experience with Windows Clients and Server

with TCP/IP networking environment
• Knowledge and experience with assembling/disassembling PC

• Ability to communicate in English effectively, both orally

and in writing
• Must be able to lift and carry up to 50 pounds
지원자격 학력:관련전공4학기 이수자
영어능력:초중급의 회화실력(인턴피아 인터뷰 통과자)
해외결격 사유가 없는자
전 공 즉시 시작할수있는 컴퓨터 공학 전공자, 또는 경력자
근무기간 12m or 18m
급 여 8불
지원마감 2011-4-15
지원방법 1).온라인지원서작성
2).서류합격자 전화 영어인터뷰실시
3).미국 현지 전화 영어인터뷰 실시
문의 (代)02-720-8555, internpia@internpia.com
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